Gopinath Panda


1. G. Panda, V. Goswami, A.D. Banik and D. Guha. Equilibrium balking strategies in renewal input queue with Bernoulli-schedule controlled vacation and vacation interruption. Journal of Industrial and Management Optimization, 2016, 12 (3), 851-878,

2. G. Panda, V. Goswami and A.D. Banik. Equilibrium and socially optimal balking strategies in Markovian queues with vacations and sequential abandonment. Asia-Pacific Journal of Operational Research, 2016, 33 (5), 1650036 (34 pages),

3. G. Panda, A.D. Banik and M.L. Chaudhry.  Stationary distributions of the $R^{[X]}/R/1$ cross-correlated queue, Communications in Statistics-Theory and Methods,

4. G. Panda, and V. Goswami.  Equilibrium behaviour and social optimisation in Markovian queues with impatient customers and variant of working vacations, RAIRO-Oper. Res.,

5. G. Panda, A.D. Banik and M.L. Chaudhry. Inverting the Transforms Arising in the $GI/M/1$ Risk Process Using Roots.
Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics, 2014, 91, 297-312.

6. G. Panda, V. Goswami and A.D. Banik.  Equilibrium abandonment strategies in a cloud management system (CMS): A queueing approach,
10 th Conference on Stochastic Models of Manufacturing and Service Operations (SMMSO 2015),
2015, 179-186.

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Applied Probability Modelling,  Performance analysis of Queueing models, Stochastic models in operations research and their applications,Insurance risk processes.

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School of Mathematical Sciences, National Institute of Science Education and Research, Bhubaneswar P.O.: Bhimpur-Padanpur, Via- Jatni, District- Khordha PIN-752050, Odisha, India

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